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My exhibition IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF TURNER starts on Tuesday May 22nd and runs until June 2nd at Tennants Garden Rooms Gallery in Leyburn, Yorkshire,DL8 5SG.

If you can't visit, here's the online catalogue.

All works are original oil paintings on linen and you can purchase or reserve by ringing Tennants directly on 01969 621146.

All work are my copyright.


OVER THE MOORS   75 x 86 cms   £1450

THE BECK    75 x 86 cms   £1450

LIMESTONE PAVEMENT              75 x 86 cms   £1895

GOREDALE SCAR   75 x 86 cms £1950

THE SPIRITS OF THE MOORS  75 X 86 cms   £895

BARDON TOWER IN SNOW   75 x 86 cms    £1850

MISTY MORNING IN THE DALES   75 x 86 cms   £1250

AN AUTUMN WALK NEAR FARNLEY  46 x 56 cms              £495

SPRING IN THE DALES   51 x 61 cms   £495

LINTON FALLS 46 x 71 cms       £595


THE COW AND CALF,  ILKLEY   51 x 61 cms   £495

WIND IN THE WILLOWS, LINTON   46 x 71 cms   £595

LINTON MILL   51 x 61 cms   £495

HEATHER ON THE MOORS, OTLEY   46 x 71 cms   £595

AYSGARTH FALLS   71 x 56 cms   £795

WILD SWIMMING, JANET’S FOSSE  61 x 66 cms   £895

VIEW WEST, WENSLEYDALE MOORS  46 x 71 cms   £595

Tennants say


 ‘We are delighted to welcome Susan Edwards for her first exhibition of her exuberant contemporary Yorkshire landscapes at The Garden Rooms at Tennants.

Susan, who is originally from Yorkshire and studied at Leeds College of Art, was inspired by her hero Turner’s paintings and sketchbooks of Yorkshire and set off to find his favourite views of the Dales. J.M.W. Turner visited Yorkshire frequently, firstly on behest of patron Edward Lascelles at Harewood House, and then almost every year from 1808 to 1824, when he stayed with his friend and patron Walter Ramsden Fawkes at Farnley Hall near Otley. Turner found inspiration, with his sense of the Sublime, in the rugged

landscapes, ruins, waterfalls and scars of the county – a mix of the elemental and the picturesque. Many of the views in Turner’s Yorkshire sketchbooks have barely changed since Turner’s era, and continue to inspire artists, such as Susan, today.

Following in Turner’s footsteps, Susan worked both on location in Yorkshire, sometimes in the same spot where Turner himself stood to paint, and in her studio to create this exhibition. Her work is immediately recognisable for her vigorous gestural mark making in oils on linen canvas, executed in an Expressive Colourist style. Paintings vary from iconic views such as Aysgarth Falls, to semi-abstract, colourful interpretations of the Fells landscapes, which were developed back in her studio from sketches made en plein air.’


There's also a rotating exhibition of my work at the moment :


 in the best restaurant in Hereford City! -  

 LA DE Mediterranean Restaurant in Broad Street.

Look out for my


Christmas Exhibition

at Sixteen Gallery, Montpelier Street, Cheltenham, 

14 -21 November

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