When Artist in Residence on Ships, I’m delivering practical painting sessions to amuse passengers on sea days.

Shore days are mine! So I head off with my box easel searching for exciting locations to paint!

The only proviso is to make sure to be back on board before the ship sails without you!

There’s a whole series on the go- paintings and sketches.

Here’s a taster! Check out the full story behind each picture in my SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE blog

Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Clive brings me a beer, Bonnie, a Yachtie poses. Oil on Belgian linen

Me painting on Easter Island

Alone with Moas and wild horses.

Painting at the top of Macchu Pichu

Only the air is thin on top!

Sunday lunch in the pub, Amazon Style

The Amazon. Luckily the Amerindians liked my sketch – probably because they were distracted by the barmaid!

Helped by Embera Indians in Panama

All offers to hold my waterpot gratefully received!

The Forum, Rome

Sketched between giving Art Appreciation Lectures.

Equatorial Rainforest Pool in Honduras

Honduras -the most dangerous roads on the planet and spectacular scenery!