Philip Walling QC

This was a dream commission. Phillip’s generosity in saying ‘Paint me any size you like, take as long as you like and charge me what you like’ gave me the freedom to enjoy painting him in characteristically politically incorrect mode, smoking his cigar.

Oil on Belgian Linen Detail, size 80cm x 100cm

The Collector

A portrait of Frank Morini, at 103 years old, which I painted from life in Vienna

as part of The Imos Foundation A Portrait for Europe shown at the European Commission, London, 2014.

Frank escaped to New York and established a Fine Art Dealership in Fifth Avenue. He later returned to Vienna.

The implied narrative represents an elderly Jewish collector in 2013 who is reunited with a painting taken from him during the Holocaust.

Oil on Belgian Linen, size 81cm x 71cm

The First Lady Chelsea Pensioner I P Win Phillips

Pictured at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, where this Formal Portrait hangs, is I P Win Phillips who made an application to the Hospital in 2009 for women serving in the army to have the same rights to retire as In Pensioners as men. I so much enjoyed painting this determined lady who made the army her career, travelling to many parts of the world, becoming PA to two generals and earning the respect and affection of all with her special mixture of courage, humour, common sense and dependability.

Oil on Belgian linen, size 102cm x 81cm

Olivia Chenevix-Trench

As one of my Uppingham School Leavers portraits, this Head and Shoulders was prompted by ‘Livvy’ breezing in fresh from a skiing holiday, to The Leonardo Art Centre at Uppingham School where I was teaching life drawing and portraiture.

Oil on canvas, size 51cm x 31cm

Children of Sir Hugh and Lady Anna Blackett,

Halton Castle

I was ably assisted in painting this large Conversation Piece commission in a windy Northumbrian garden by my four sitters who took turns holding the canvas while I painted their siblings! Henry endearingly appeared in his socks, and managed to sit still while I painted his face in half an hour.

Oil on Belgian linen, size 60cm x 48cm

Alan Elkington, Judy's Father at 93

‘My beloved father is 93, I want him with me for ever in a portrait’ said my client. I completed Alan’s face in morning sittings. Judy cried when she saw the painting ‘It’s more like daddy than he is himself’ she said.

Oil on Belgian linen, Kit Kat size 92cm x 71cm

Olivia Seccombe wearing her mother Izzy's ballgown

Libby’s grandmother Baroness Seccombe is a very active member of The House of Lords, and as she comes from a family of politicians, this pose seemed to suggest Libby herself might adopt a similar stance during a Maiden Speech one day in the future. But perhaps not in this dress! Watch this space!

Oil on Belgian Linen, size 110cm x 75cm

Conversation Pieces

Pimms and Strawberries and Henley

Oil on Belgian linen, size 50cm x 45cm

Ladies who lunch

Oil on canvas, size 56cm x 71cm